Sunday, November 28, 2010

Congratulations to the James Street Ministry Cabinet

Thank you to the Cabinet!

Dear Cabinet Members,
Thank you for your extraordinary participation in the Visioning and Planning for James Street Ministry since January of 2010! You have worked tirelessly on developing the critical resources we will need to make this ministry a success. On behalf of everyone involved, thank you for the incredible showing of support for this ministry and for its first project, the Baby Cupboard which will become a reality in January, 2011. We continue to grow stronger, with the largest number of supporters showing up for the November meeting. Without such strong support for this ministry and its first initiative, the January opening of the Baby Cupboard would not be possible.

I was so proud of all of you when we presented our progress to the VIVA meeting yesterday, November 27th. We would also like to express our appreciation to Shirley Sewell who volunteered her time again yesterday to be with us as we unveiled the draft copy of our VIVA action plans, and the increased motivation this event provided for us. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into the action plan presentations, and the positive response we received from Shirley.

We are all so excited about the Community Baby Shower scheduled for January 15th, and the opening of the Baby Cupboard on January 27th, none of which would be possible without your support and involvement of the JSM Cabinet!
With great appreciation and gratitude,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What is James Street Ministry

James Street Ministry is a non-for-profit organization. Its Aims and Objectives are to assess gaps in services in Wallaceburg and Area and promote/enhance health and well-being through the provision of physical, emotional, mental and social services consistent with the scope and available services of this ministry. Wallaceburg and Area is delineated on the James Street map and defined as: The towns of Wallaceburg and Dresden; Tupperville; Wilkesport; Walpole Island First Nations; Southwest Lambton Co. (St. Clair Township); and the northern part of Chatham and Dover Townships), Dover Center & Mitchell’s Bay.